For young people, and women, who want to undertake their own personal project, there are several facilitated solutions that can get them a small amount of money to start up the business.

The project, supported by various banks and financial agencies, is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs under 35 and female entrepreneurs, with the aim of giving opportunities and creating jobs and employment.

How and when to apply for a business loan for young entrepreneurs

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To be able to apply for a subsidized business loan for young entrepreneurs, you must have the following characteristics: be a man under the age of 35; being a woman: in this case, age does not matter; have a project for the start-up of a sas, snc, Spa or cooperative company, which will guarantee, in the future, the possibility of hiring; be a student or unemployed

The financed capitals, even in the face of the few guarantees that a young entrepreneur can offer, are usually small figures, but important and useful for supporting the first professional expenses for starting up the company. Generally, we talk about business loans for young entrepreneurs without guarantees, with figures that do not exceed € 15,000 for non-repayable checks and which do not exceed € 50,000 for installments with repayment in installments .

Can choose between different proposals and solutions to get some liquidity to start with

Can choose between different proposals and solutions to get some liquidity to start with

  • non-repayable regional or European loans : these are funds made available for small credit, intended for young start-ups. It is a form of subsidized credit that does not require the repayment of capital. The value of the check is established taking into account certain criteria, including the validity of the project
  • loan of honor : it is the most complex and articulated form of a loan. It is dedicated to newly graduated, unemployed young people who want to start their professional career as entrepreneurs, with projects aimed at creating new jobs, either immediately or in the future. So we talk about society and not about individual profession. The honor loan provides for the granting of a non-repayable check plus a loan disbursed as personal loan, which will be repaid in installments, with subsidized interest rates
  • interest-free loans : they are easier to obtain because they are not lost funds but a real loan to be repaid. If a young person under 35 asks for a loan for business purposes, many banks and finance offer him the possibility of repaying it without interest

However, the providers that adhere to the initiative to support young entrepreneurs also offer personalized financial plans. If you are under 35 and have a business project in your pocket, it is worth checking with banks and financial institutions to find out about specific offers.

To obtain a business loan intended for a start-up 

To obtain a business loan intended for a start-up 

Having less than 35 years and wishing to start a business project, it is necessary to present: your documents (identity card and tax code); the entrepreneurial project, as detailed as possible; their own guarantees (credit on the current account, real estate or land owned); a guarantor, in these situations, is always a good reference.

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