Consumer credit to buy a lawn tractor: where to borrow?

    The purchase of a lawn tractor can be a significant amount, which can be financed through a consumer credit. Here’s how to get the best financing. has examples Lawn tractor (self-propelled): a significant cost Owners with large areas to mow, that is to say several hundred square meters or thousands of m2 […]

Investments that can become a fixed expense if you don’t know how

Accumulating the largest amount of properties, cars, latest technology items can derive other extra expenses or become fixed expenses that harm us, far from being a good investment to increase our assets. An example according to this idea is that many millionaires prefer to rent properties to acquire them, thus avoiding the devaluation of the […]

Business loans for young entrepreneurs: how and when to apply for them

For young people, and women, who want to undertake their own personal project, there are several facilitated solutions that can get them a small amount of money to start up the business. The project, supported by various banks and financial agencies, is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs under 35 and female entrepreneurs, with the aim of […]

Real Estate Credit: knowing how to read a bank loan offer?

Signed between the seller and the buyer of the property, the sales agreement contains a binding suspensive clause , relating to the obtaining of the real estate loan necessary for the purchase. A clause relieving the buyer of his commitment to the seller, in case of refusal of credit. In other words, the financial institution […]

Early repayment: when do we pay penalties?

After taking out a mortgage, it is quite possible to make an early repayment. However, the borrower must not forget that, in most cases, he is liable for penalties . Indeed, loan agreements generally specify terms and conditions for prepayment indemnities (ARIs) . Everyone can know how much they raise before making their decision. What […]