Credit works without quotes or invoices: is it possible?

The work credit is subscribed by a large number of households who access the property. When you buy a property, it is often nice to build it to your liking, to add a personal touch to decorating, or to add rooms according to the needs of the family.

However, to be granted by a bank or a financial institution, it is generally advisable to have a solid file, with quotes or invoices written by professionals.

However, not all households have the opportunity or willingness to call on a provider to carry out all of their work. Repainting a wall, mounting a partition, replacing a window, or laying a wooden cladding, many tasks can be performed by individuals who have a minimum of knowledge and have the opportunity to benefit from materials at advantageous rates. On the other hand, work can bring in others and it is not always easy to quantify a real need.

In this case, how? Is it possible to obtain credit without quotation or invoices? Our financial experts bring you the answer.

Get a credit without quote or invoice, it’s possible!

Get a credit without quote or invoice, it

Loans work is a form of credit supposed to allow you to manage your budget in perfect autonomy. However, financial organizations and banks tend to ask you for proof, in the form of an estimate, a purchase order and / or detailed invoice for your work and your purchases of materials, supplies and decoration. This requirement allows them to be reassured about your ability to repay because it reflects the seriousness of your approach. In addition, the credit works is a form of dedicated credit; the sum lent is therefore supposed to be solely for the purpose of carrying out the said work, and not for other purchases or investments. The bank knows what the money is for you.

But rest assured, there are solutions! Either you opt for a credit work reduced or you choose to turn to a consumer credit.

Yes, but under what conditions?

Yes, but under what conditions?

Reduced-price work credit: for small loans

In the case of the reduced-price work credit, there are lending institutions that offer flexible arrangements. Indeed, to benefit from a loan for work without presenting an estimate or invoice, it is not necessary to exceed a certain level of borrowing. The ceiling of this amount varies from one financial institution to another, but it is usually an average of 8,000 USD. So up to this amount, you are free to borrow money without proof. This allows you to buy your equipment and equipment freely, or to call on a craftsman for a small service, without proof of purchase.

Consumer credit: for large investments

The other solution available to you, the loan for consumption. This type of unrestricted credit allows you to borrow a sum of up to 75,000 USD without proof. Convenient for big jobs, expensive facilities and consequent craftsmen! You are thus free to carry out your work, whatever their amount.

Consumer credit to buy a lawn tractor: where to borrow?



The purchase of a lawn tractor can be a significant amount, which can be financed through a consumer credit. Here’s how to get the best financing. has examples

Lawn tractor (self-propelled): a significant cost

Lawn tractor (self-propelled): a significant cost

Owners with large areas to mow, that is to say several hundred square meters or thousands of m2 necessarily need to find more effective solutions to mow their lawns, and tractor lawn tractor is the best alternative. These motorized machines have the advantage of providing greater comfort and greater cutting width to conventional mowers, but their cost is greater.

For the most sophisticated models, it can reach several thousand USD, it must also include a minimum of 1000 USD for a standard model and has up to 4000 USD budget for a high-end riding mower. The use of credit is therefore necessary but it is necessary to underwrite the good financing.

Subscribe a credit for a riding mower

Subscribe a credit for a riding mower

The financing of the lawn tractor can be considered in several times without cost, directly in the specialized stores. The interest for the seller is to be able to close the sale by proposing a payment facility but this facility has a cost. It is actually a revolving credit whose rate is often higher than 10%, which means that the cost can quickly increase depending on the amount of lawn mower, it is sometimes better to take out a personal loan of which the rate will usually be lower

The personal loan is a credit called cash, that is to say, the amount is granted without proof of use of the sum, a loan easier to obtain but still requires a feasibility study by an organization specialized. It will be necessary to settle on the choice of a lawn tractor in order to know the amount to be borrowed and the purchaser will be able to choose the duration of repayment, which makes it possible to modulate the monthly payments according to his needs.

Compare loan offers for lawn tractors

Personal loan offers are numerous on the internet but it is strongly recommended to use an online comparator to find the best offer of credit to afford his lawn tractor. The operation of the comparator is simple, it allows to file a request by specifying the desired amount, it solicits credit institutions that can respond quickly to this need and to obtain several offers of funding. The reception of the various proposals has the advantage of leaving the choice to the applicant to choose the best offer according to his own criteria to finance his riding mower, this approach is offered free of charge and entails no commitment.

Note that it will be necessary to provide, after selection of the offer, the documents relating to the obtaining of the financing, it is about the identity card, the statements of accounts, the salary slips or pensions of pensions, as well as the proof of address and the RIB.


Investments that can become a fixed expense if you don’t know how

Accumulating the largest amount of properties, cars, latest technology items can derive other extra expenses or become fixed expenses that harm us, far from being a good investment to increase our assets.

An example according to this idea is that many millionaires prefer to rent properties to acquire them, thus avoiding the devaluation of the property over time. In addition to not dealing with maintenance, it decreases its profitability, and not have to deal with its difficult sale at some time.

Some of the main investments that can generate extra expenses, since they consume resources at the end of the day, are housing, cars and technology.

This does not mean that it is not advisable to buy a house, or that you should live without a cell phone. It has to do with a better management of our purchases, according to the resources we have, or, to consider other alternatives before “investing”.

Buy several mortgages

Buy several mortgages

If you want to buy a house successfully, you have to analyze many aspects, having two or three additional properties in mind, you will have to analyze much more.

If this will be the family heritage, it is a great idea; But if you plan to extend your assets and decide to buy a house on the beach, or take advantage of a second approved credit, you must analyze specific aspects.

For example, the costs of having a house on the beach to which you will go relatively little, and where you will have to pay a maintenance, which is not little money, since this type of property needs special care to avoid its deterioration. In any case, you might consider buying it along with some other family members, optimizing its use and dividing expenses.

Think that the more properties you accumulate, it will be necessary to invest more time and money, or hire someone to run your administration. All this if you want it to be profitable and suppose a gain for your provisional income.

If not, it will only become the sum in various monthly payments, multiplied by the number of properties you have.

Purchase of a new car as a way of investment

Purchase of a new car as a way of investment

To consider the purchase of a new car as a way of investment, already supposes an idea far from reality. A new car, in Mexico, is devalued by at least 20% when leaving the agency, and a little more every year, or with each sale.

As with the purchase of a home, supposing having many cars does not ensure a profitable investment, if you do not have the ability to maintain them.

A good option could be to spend a few years with a car and sell it before it loses most of its value.

Or see the option that has little time in Mexico, is called “Leasing” already run by various dealers, where you pay for the prolonged use of a car, but not for your property.

Finally you can only rent it for special or really necessary occasions, and opt for public transport, motorcycle or bicycle.

Always have the latest smartphone

Always have the latest smartphone

Many people wait months for the announced release of the latest version of their favorite brand in technology, much more in the area of ​​smartphones. But is it really a smart idea to always buy the latest version? As an investment it really is not, models such as Samsung and iPhone, the highest-end, are more expensive every day.

The most advisable if you want to be up to date without assuming a fixed expense, is to acquire in cash the model of a previous year, which still does not suffer such a large devaluation.

So you can have a trend phone if you have to pay long contracts for always wanting to buy the newest cell phone, and in the end you pay twice the cost.

It seems that Mexico does not yet have mobile leasing plans, but they would certainly be a great option for lovers of the latest technologies.



In many of these different investments using most of our money will not always be the best alternative, we must diversify, in addition to choosing those options that do not generate a fixed expense.

Are you interested in knowing other tips to optimize your money and compare services such as loans, credit cards and insurance? Visit our blog and let us help you.

Business loans for young entrepreneurs: how and when to apply for them

For young people, and women, who want to undertake their own personal project, there are several facilitated solutions that can get them a small amount of money to start up the business.

The project, supported by various banks and financial agencies, is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs under 35 and female entrepreneurs, with the aim of giving opportunities and creating jobs and employment.

How and when to apply for a business loan for young entrepreneurs

business loan

To be able to apply for a subsidized business loan for young entrepreneurs, you must have the following characteristics: be a man under the age of 35; being a woman: in this case, age does not matter; have a project for the start-up of a sas, snc, Spa or cooperative company, which will guarantee, in the future, the possibility of hiring; be a student or unemployed

The financed capitals, even in the face of the few guarantees that a young entrepreneur can offer, are usually small figures, but important and useful for supporting the first professional expenses for starting up the company. Generally, we talk about business loans for young entrepreneurs without guarantees, with figures that do not exceed € 15,000 for non-repayable checks and which do not exceed € 50,000 for installments with repayment in installments .

Can choose between different proposals and solutions to get some liquidity to start with

Can choose between different proposals and solutions to get some liquidity to start with

  • non-repayable regional or European loans : these are funds made available for small credit, intended for young start-ups. It is a form of subsidized credit that does not require the repayment of capital. The value of the check is established taking into account certain criteria, including the validity of the project
  • loan of honor : it is the most complex and articulated form of a loan. It is dedicated to newly graduated, unemployed young people who want to start their professional career as entrepreneurs, with projects aimed at creating new jobs, either immediately or in the future. So we talk about society and not about individual profession. The honor loan provides for the granting of a non-repayable check plus a loan disbursed as personal loan, which will be repaid in installments, with subsidized interest rates
  • interest-free loans : they are easier to obtain because they are not lost funds but a real loan to be repaid. If a young person under 35 asks for a loan for business purposes, many banks and finance offer him the possibility of repaying it without interest

However, the providers that adhere to the initiative to support young entrepreneurs also offer personalized financial plans. If you are under 35 and have a business project in your pocket, it is worth checking with banks and financial institutions to find out about specific offers.

To obtain a business loan intended for a start-up 

To obtain a business loan intended for a start-up 

Having less than 35 years and wishing to start a business project, it is necessary to present: your documents (identity card and tax code); the entrepreneurial project, as detailed as possible; their own guarantees (credit on the current account, real estate or land owned); a guarantor, in these situations, is always a good reference.

Real Estate Credit: knowing how to read a bank loan offer?

Signed between the seller and the buyer of the property, the sales agreement contains a binding suspensive clause , relating to the obtaining of the real estate loan necessary for the purchase. A clause relieving the buyer of his commitment to the seller, in case of refusal of credit. In other words, the financial institution draws up a loan offer, respecting the wording imposed by law . In concrete terms, this translates into the dissemination of certain information, the presence of mandatory legal information and supporting documents to be included in the file.

What laws govern the implementation of a mortgage?

 What laws govern the implementation of a mortgage?

Real estate loans to individuals are subject to the “Scrivener” and “Scrivener 2” laws dating from 1978 and 1979, respectively.

Although they are still in force, these provisions have been regularly amended, whether by the Lagarde law in 2010, by the Hamon law in 2014 and by the application in French law of European legislation on “consumer credit agreements”. , relating to immovable property for residential use “. Not to mention the code of consumption, which protects the consumer in terms of credit.

What does a loan offer contain?

 What does a loan offer contain?

If a bank can freely edit provisional documents or financing estimates, its loan offer must present the following information, in accordance with Article L313-25 of the French Consumer Code :

  • The identity of parties and sureties (names and addresses and company name)
  • Credit information (nature, purpose, duration, rate, date of availability of funds …). For fixed rate loans, the schedule of depreciation. For variable rate loans, a note on the terms and conditions of variation of the interest rate, an indicative simulation of the impact of a variation on the monthly payments, the duration and the total cost of credit.
  • The amount of the credit, its total cost and its APR
  • The insurance and guarantees required, which condition the conclusion of the credit
  • The mention of the possibility of opting for a delegation of insurance

Since 1 October 2016, the bank or financial institution must also have a European Standardized Sheet (UNICEF), to facilitate the comparison of loan offers made by different organizations approached. In fact, it follows a formalized model with 15 points to fill in (characteristics of the loan, prepayment conditions …)

What is its validity period?

 What is its validity period?

Conducted by the bank or financial institution, the loan offer is an official document, valid for 30 calendar days, from the date of receipt of the financing proposal by the borrower.

Note that it can only be accepted after a reflection period of 10 calendar days . After this mandatory period, it remains only to return signed by letter, to accept it officially.

At this stage, the loan offer can no longer be changed by the bank.

How is the loan offer put in place?

After this signature, the borrower has a period of 4 months to buy his property. If the signature of the sales agreement can not be made before this deadline, the loan offer may be extended at the request of the borrower, but the bank may refuse.

If the sale is canceled, the accepted loan related to this project must also be resolved. Concretely, this results in the return of the bill sent by the bank with the loan offer, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

If the sale is sealed the bank will send directly to the notary the bank check that corresponds to the loan amount if your real estate purchase is an existing property.

For a property under construction the amounts follow the progress of the work.

Why are fixed rates successful?

In 2014, 96% of mortgages were granted at a fixed rate . A percentage significantly increased, since it was 80% in 2004. However, most borrowers, having opted for a variable rate since 2008, are winners. Boosted by fierce competition from banks eager to win new customers, each interest rate can be discounted depending on the quality of the file filed .

What is the level of fixed rates?


By favoring fixed rates at revisable rates, the borrower knows the amount of his monthly payments over the life of his loan. Otherwise, changes would be automatically made – downwards as well as upwards – according to the benchmark.

Currently, the fixed rate of a mortgage can be between 0.50% and 1.90%, for a loan over 7 years . It will be from 1.08% to 2.60% over 20 years, while it will reach 2.05% to 3.25% for a period of 30 years. (Source: France Transactions at 01.11.16)

These exceptionally low rates contributed to the disappearance of variable rate loans , which now represent only 0.1% of loans granted at the end of June 2016, whereas they represented 6.2% in 2013 and 22.1% in 2004. (Source: CSA Observatory / Housing Credit)

How does the bank set the interest rate of a credit?

 How does the bank set the interest rate of a credit?

Each bank sets its interest rate based on several factors:

  • The cost of refinancing: in other words, the price at which the bank buys the loan money. Today, it relies on long-term products for fixed rate loans and Euribor 3 or 12 months for variable rate loans.
  • The margin of the establishment: traditionally between 0.50 and 1.50%, it is built according to the estimated risk.

In other words, the attractiveness of the interest rate is directly linked to the file presented: if the latter presents only a few risks, it is possible to obtain discounts of 0.20% to 0.30% per annum. report to the official fee schedule . And brokers know how to play on these criteria!

What are the criteria to improve my rate?

 What are the criteria to improve my rate?

Currently, banks are engaged in a fierce war to win new customers. The goal is to capture the good records (naturally!), With at least 10% of the amount borrowed as a personal contribution, stable income and a reasonable debt ratio. And, ideally, do not record overdraft on his bank accounts.

But not only, since the banks also welcome first-time buyers, with more modest resources. Public receiving financial aid as (Ready to Zero rate) PTZ reinforced since 1 January 2016.

However, not everyone benefits from these attractive rates, since banks look very closely at some of the additional criteria, to minimize their risks: the added value of their clients (the permanent contract status, the marital status, etc.) and the nature of the real estate to facilitate, if necessary, its resale (location, general quality …)

The mortgage broker knows exactly the criteria of its partner banks: it will know how to drive your loan file until obtaining an optimal offer, negotiating, with more and just and relentlessly, the rate, the insurances and the various fresh.

Early repayment: when do we pay penalties?

After taking out a mortgage, it is quite possible to make an early repayment. However, the borrower must not forget that, in most cases, he is liable for penalties . Indeed, loan agreements generally specify terms and conditions for prepayment indemnities (ARIs) . Everyone can know how much they raise before making their decision.

What is the amount of the reimbursement benefits?

 What is the amount of the reimbursement benefits?

The calculation of the early repayment indemnities is set by Articles L313-47 and R315-25 of the French Consumer Code. They must not exceed 6 months of interest on the outstanding capital, at the average loan rate. In addition, they never exceed 3% of the amount to be repaid.

A jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation dating from 2013 also comes to frame more the practice: the IRA is expressly specified on the loan contract . Thus, a simple indication of the method of calculation under the conditions is not considered sufficient.

In which cases is the exemption possible?


Some individuals can repay their loan early without having to plan an IRA. This is very often the case for variable rate loans , especially when rates are reviewed with significant variations.

Zero-rate loans and employer loans also involve an exemption from these additional fees for a refund before the expiry of the contract.

Finally, there is a law applicable to all loans made after July 1, 1999 if the property is sold for a change of employment, death (the borrower or spouse) or a forced termination of the professional activity, IRAs are not payable.

On the other hand, the owner must provide in addition to his penalties, a charge of release if the guarantee taken by the bank for the granting of the loan is the mortgage of the financed property

Why and how to negotiate IRA?


At the time of signing the contract, you should take the time to project yourself: if you think you have the opportunity, one day, to repay your credit in full, we must evaluate the possibility of reducing – or canceling – the indemnities of prepayment.

In concrete terms, if you have planned to live a few years in the new home, you can negotiate a withdrawal of IRAs beyond a certain time , after paying your credit for 10 years, for example. In addition, you can choose to reduce their amount by discussing around their rate.

Generally speaking, it is considered easier to revise IRAs when working with the same bank for a long time and remain faithful: the broker will be able to discuss with your institution to put in place conditions favorable. It will also be able to solicit other organizations to generate a contract to repay early while limiting ancillary costs.

To acquire real estate and earn credit, the rate is not the only useful indicator. Indeed, prepayment allowances are a very important criterion , on which it is highly relevant to consider negotiations. Even if you do not think you will ever be able to repay the full amount due, remember that specific (and unpredictable) situations can change the game, especially in the case of inheritance.

How Much Housing Loan Can A Minimum Wage Worker Take?

As of 2019, the minimum wage was set at 2.020 TL and people working with minimum wage started to wonder how much credit they could withdraw. Employees in need of cash can use housing loans to own a house. However, the amount of credit varies from bank to bank and according to the employee’s credit rating.

Banks may sometimes refuse applications for people working at minimum wage in housing loans with a maturity of up to 10 years. This may be because your credit rating or record is low

credit score

When calculating the credit rating, the debt payments made by the individuals to the credit, credit card or overdraft account are taken as a basis. If the person has not paid his / her debts regularly or if the bank has previously applied foreclosures, the credit rating will be low and his / her record will not be good enough for the banks to give credit.

If you know that your credit rating is low, you can learn from this article how people with low credit ratings will get credit.

Minimum Wage and Credit Rating

Minimum Wage and Credit Rating

If your credit rating is in the risky group, you may not receive housing loans even if you are a minimum paid employee. People who have not taken out a loan or used a credit card in the last 5 years can also receive a rejection from banks when they want to get a housing loan.

The Bank controls the payment habits of individuals in high amounts such as housing loans. In this case, it is important to have a high credit score in order to take out housing loans.

How much credit can I withdraw?

How much credit can I withdraw?

The minimum wage earners can pay up to 70% of their salary in installments when they wish to receive housing loans. The amount of the loan to be given and the maturity account are made in this way.

If this is the first time you will be taking out a loan, it will be better for you to take out a loan in the long term. Accordingly, an employee with a minimum wage of 2.020 TL can make a monthly installment payment of a maximum of 1.414 TL for a housing loan.

It is not possible to calculate the total loan amount as interest rates and credit terms vary from bank to bank.

On the other hand, although 70% of the minimum wage can be paid in installments, it may not be possible to live with the remaining amount for a month. Therefore, banks prefer to pay much lower installments. Most banks calculate installments up to half of the minimum wage. This means 1.010 TL monthly payment.

If your spouse is working at minimum wage and you are not the only source of income, you may be able to withdraw housing loans up to 100,000 TL. On the other hand, you can withdraw up to 60,000 TL on your own.

However, these figures may vary from bank to bank. If you wish to withdraw higher amounts of credit, the bank may ask you to provide surety or additional collateral.

Our article on how you can buy a home loan can give you more information about the process of the loan withdrawal process.

Loan for Negative – Ended the suffering of your pocket!

Are you negative and do not know what to do to solve your financial life? Then come with us here at Ananse and you can find an alternative! In this same site, you can make a loan application and have the opportunity to receive up to 10 pre-approved proposals! Remember that the process is 100% free and online. With fair interest rates, here you make a personal loan fast, easy and secure!

Loan for Negative exists!

Loan for Negative exists!

Nowadays, a large part of the Brazilian population has the dirty name, since the economy of our country is very unstable. And, as is well known, this situation makes it difficult to acquire a loan. But if this is your case, Ananse people help you get in touch with financial institutions that can accept you!

By registering here, on our website, your profile will be analyzed by the banks and financiers who are our partners, and will have the answers within 72 hours! But, remember, each institution works with different interest rates for each type of customer profile. Hence, it may be harder to get low interest rates being negatived.

  • Loan for Negative – Pensioner or retiree

    Loan for Negative - Pensioner or retiree

    You who are pensioners or retirees and have their name dirty, did you know that you have a good chance of being approved on a personal loan to be denied? And what about fees that fit in your pocket? This is because the bank is able to withdraw the value of the installments directly from the payroll, which means that the risk of the customer becoming defaulter is low. If you are interested, contact your bank manager and discuss this line of credit.

  • Loan for denied for those who are civil servants

    Loan for denied for those who are civil servants

    One of the advantages of being a civil servant is that even if you are down, the chances of getting an online loan are still great. State, federal and municipal servers can enjoy personal credit, since the value of the parcels can be deducted directly from the payroll on a monthly basis, and with attractive interest rates. So if you’re a civil servant and you need financial help, you can count on us at Ananse to find the best place to get your loan back.

  • Unsecured loan with property guarantee

    Unsecured loan with property guarantee

    The home equity loan, also called fiduciary alienation, may be the best option for anyone with credit restrictions. This is because refinancing property has the lowest market rates.
    And how does it work, Ananse people?
    When placing an order, you place your property, which must be removed and on your behalf, as collateral, which raises the bank’s trust in you. That is because, in case you become defaulted, your property will be alienated to the bank or financial. But, do not worry, refinancing your property does not mean that it will be confiscated, that is, you can put your property as collateral and still enjoy it in the way you want, as long as you pay the installments of this line of credit.

  • Personal Loan for Negative or Restricted

    We at Ananse have partnered with more than 10 banks and financial institutions that can help you when you need it most. When placing a loan application on our website, you can choose the proposal that fits best in your pocket from among your pre-approvals. And this, even if it is negative!

    We also advise that, before making the loan, you make a financial planning and request only the sufficient amount to get out of the blow. If you are approved, the bank or the authorized financier will talk to you directly, and you will be able to choose the expiration date of your installments.

  • From negative to financially organized

    Taking out a negative loan can be a great option for you who want to eliminate credit card debt, start a new business or resume studies! With the loan approved, the utilities for this money are numerous but, when one is negative, one needs to take more caution when it comes to finances. So, planning ahead before applying for the loan can be a good way out so that the installments do not get heavy at the end of the month.
    If you still have questions, click here to find out if it is worth even a loan when you are being denied.

  • Negated no more

    Negated no more

    Staying with the name dirty or restricted can become a big problem in the long run. So, regularizing your name on the market should be a priority! With the name cleared, a range of possibilities opens up, especially when it comes to personal loan online.

    But to tread this path of interest and low rates, you must contain spending, know how to direct investments and save your money in an advantageous way. It is essential to be prepared for life-long surprises and to organize your finances. Following this, soon you will not need any kind loan to negativado!

  • Apply for a loan to negative

    The negative loan request is made simply and securely on the Ananse website! Here, you can fill in our credit simulator and, if you like the conditions, finalize the request.

  • Is Borrowing a Negative Loan Worth It?

    It is normal to be afraid when you think about taking out an online loan, especially if you are already negative. Therefore, before making the request, you need to be aware of the need and value of the parcels, ie it is important to reflect if this type of business is worthwhile for you.

    If you are negative but have a property or vehicle cleared on your behalf, it is easier to carry out a guaranteed loan, since the rates are lower. This is because banks and financials understand that you, despite being negative, have a good guarantee of payment.